When children play, they learn. Whether they are learning to move and control their bodies more smoothly, thinking through a problem at a new level of understanding, using their language skills more effectively, or increasing their abilities to get along with others, children are learning through play.

In providing an environment for play-filled learning, C’mon affirms that play is not merely something to be tolerated in the gaps between eating, sleeping, and periods for formal learning. Play is vitally necessary to a child’s health and full development. While kids are having fun, they are also:

  • Using senses to explore
  • Developing social skills through cooperation and collaboration
  • Stimulating gross motor development
  • Using curiosity, imagination and role play to investigate
  • Working together toward common goals
  • Employing creative decision making
  • Using physical activity as a catalyst for problem solving

Children’s museum specialist Mary Sinker, and acclaimed exhibit designer Jack Rouse Associates, conceived each exhibit as a model of three interrelated principles: an appreciation of children’s play behavior, knowledge of how an environment can influence play and learning, and an understanding of children’s developmental milestones. These three core beliefs enabled them to transform the learning landscape so that serious learning looks like play… for those who know how to look.

The exhibits present a well-rounded universe that is rarely experienced by children or, for that matter, the adults in their lives, from the swamps of the Everglades to outer reaches of the galaxy, from the annual change of seasons to a farm to a day at the beach. At the heart of the exhibits is The Banyan Tree, a soaring, two-story banyan tree with cubbies nestled in vertical prop roots, a lookout platform, and crawling branches that lead to the fascinating tree house at the top, inspiring children’s imagination as well as body coordination.

Exhibits were created to meet Florida’s Sunshine State curriculum standards, and all are accessible for individuals with developmental, hearing, physical, social/emotional and visual challenges.

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Build It!

Build It! is a dynamic exhibit space where children and their families explore engineering by dreaming up designs, building structures and finding the joys of teamwork! This space features various building materials throughout the year, our current exhibit is KEVA®.      Have you seen the new exhibit, Build It! KEVA®? The new exhibit invites children […]

Sonic Sensation Traveling Exhibit

  Make some noise at Sonic SensationThe Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples new exhibition allows visitors to explore the science of sound and hearing     Naples, Florida – Experience our sonic world and the sensation of being surrounded by everyday sounds in The Golisano Children’s Museum’s new traveling exhibition, Sonic Sensation, opening on Saturday […]

Loos Art Gallery

Did you know that C’mon will display fine art in the “Loos Art Gallery”? The fine art collection will display art that has a focus on children and animals.

Art Studio

  The Art Studio is an inviting, hands-on art exhibit with ever-changing projects themed to what C’mon is focusing on for the month. Children have the opportunity to create original works of art with different mediums and their beautiful works of art can be taken home after spending some time on our drying racks.  

Green Construction

Whether it’s using environmentally friendly building materials to construct a model of C’mon, or exploring a see-through section of the wall, this an amazing experience for budding architects, builders or designers! Children don hard hats and grab a plastic tool as they experience life on a construction site with a difference. The unique sights and […]

Mother Nature's House

No matter where we live or whether it is rainy, snowy, stormy, or warm and sunny, ‘weather’ and ‘seasons’ affect everyone all the time! Whether watching a snowfall, planting bulbs, witnessing a tropical storm or raking a pile of leaves, children will experience earth’s rhythms and seasonal changes. This special house has four rooms, each […]

Produce Market

The Produce Market is a realistic, child-sized market full of the bounty of Florida as well as a number of familiar and ethnic boxed and prepared foods. Shopping carts can be used to collect purchases. In addition, bilingual, laminated shopping lists complete with pictures of food items help shoppers make decisions about their purchases. A […]

The Farm

It takes a lot of people to make a farm work! Visitors at The Farm perform a number of important jobs to make sure the fruits and vegetables that make Florida such an important agricultural state get picked when ripe and delivered on time. As visitors enter the area, they spin a wheel of chance […]

World Cafe

The World Café is a child-sized eatery where visitors will prepare, serve, and eat any food they can imagine. As they “eat,” children can study real artifacts from around the world and compare them to things in their own homes. The artifacts are part of our O’Connell Collection, assembled over the course of 50 years […]

The Street

Launch into a world of exploration as you visit the many different street exhibits, which include the hands-on Art Studio, Green Construction space and Trolley.

The Banyan Tree

The heartbeat of the museum is reflected in the Banyan Tree, and its central location ensures that everyone will spend at least a little of their museum time near, in, or up the tree. Comfortable seating is built into the tree’s massive trunk. A relaxed ramp leads up to a lookout platform, where there is […]

Journey Through the Everglades

Sounds, smells, steamy mist, and the unique light of the Everglades greets visitors as they study the site map of this unique outdoors-in area, and decide which route to take through the Everglades. Here children climb in, around, through and under the twisted arms of an ancient mangrove. Whimsical pods are filled with curiosities to […]

Johnsonville Backyardville

Wander through a maze, watch performances in the amphitheater and get your hands dirty as you create art.

At the Beach

There’s always a lot to do on a beautiful bright day at the beach. Here children can take an imaginary boat trip into the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps they might fish from the Naples pier or admire the beautiful pier pilings. If exploring the anatomy of a shark eye shell is more their speed, they […]

Curious Kids

For kids ages 8 -14 our WGCU Curious Kids space is a one-of-a-kind learning environment for kids to choose from four to five activities that let them explore, experiment, write, create, design, or build. From fashion to construction, from music to IT, there is something for every kid. Parents are excluded from the space, so […]


The tree-top Adopt-A-Pet veterinary clinic gives children an opportunity for career exploration as they learn how to take care of their furry friends using their imaginations and props such as stethoscopes, doctors’ coats, and even an x-ray machine.

ABC Toddler Lot

The ABC Toddler Lot is a gated area dedicated to children from infancy to three years of age. This exhibit is designed as a place to explore a world of play and learning alongside your infant, toddler or preschooler. Watch their curiosity blossom as they practice and master many development milestones. Designed specifically for our […]
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C’mon is committed to having all visitors play, learn, and dream with us! We recognize the diversity of our visitor’s abilities and offer exhibits and programs that incorporate a variety of learning styles to provide the most inclusive environment for every visitor. Accessibility for all is a serious commitment here. People of all abilities are welcomed into every part of the museum experience, with careful design, mindful accommodation, and purposeful modification.

All exhibits at C’mon have been designed to incorporate a variety of learning styles to provide the most inclusive environment for every visitor. In addition, self-guided tours will be available online and from the visitor services desk that highlight exhibits with special objects to look at, listen for, touch, or think about. Visitors with disabilities will also have the option of requesting programs during times when the museum is less crowded. C’mon will be wheelchair and ADA accessible.