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To sign up for a camp wait list, please call (239) 260-1600.

Join us for the 2019 C’mon Summer Camps! Get ready to travel back in time to the prehistoric age, explore cultures around the world, dive into the deep blue sea, go on an out of this world adventure, whip up some kitchen chemistry, and more!

Camps are a week long and full day (drop off between 8:45-9:00am, pick up between 5:00-5:15pm) with the exception of Kindergarten Camps which are week long and half day (drop off between 8:45-9:00am, pick up between 1:00-1:15pm). Before Care is available (8:15-8:45am) for $25/week, must be purchased in advance.

The curriculum for summer camps is designed for the grade level your child will be entering in the fall.

  • $255/child for one week
  • $230/child for one week (C’mon Member Price)
  • $135/child for one week Kinder camp
  • $120/child for one week Kinder camp (C’mon Member Price)
Pint-sized Paleontologist, June 10-14(SOLD OUT) Calling all future paleontologists! We’re going back to the age of the dinosaur. Join us as we hunt like a prehistoric predator, dive deep with aquatic creatures, and move like a dinosaur. Put your paleontology skills to the test as you unearth Tyrannosaurus teeth and Apatosaurus footprints. C’mon and let your imagination “saur!”
Animal Antics, June 17-21(SOLD OUT) Get your binoculars ready for an adventure! Join us for a journey through different environments. We’ll travel from the arctic to the jungle as we explore various habitats and the animals who live there!
World Explorers, June 24-28Calling all explorers! It’s time to travel around the world as we experience new cultures and go on amazing adventures with our friends. So put on those walking shoes, fill up your water bottle, and let’s go!
Under the Sea, July 8-12(SOLD OUT) Do you know what lives under the sea? Sharks, whales, fish, and even a manatee. Nothing too big, nothing too small, come and discover the mystery of them all!
Kids Construction, July 15-19(SOLD OUT) Attention all future builders! Join us as we use tools and trucks for painting, hammer letters, and explore with mud. We’ll learn all about construction and enjoy a week filled with creativity and play!
July 22-26, Bugs!(SOLD OUT) C’mon boys and girls, it’s time to wiggle, inch, and fly! Join us for a week full of creativity, discovery, and play with many tiny bugs. Let’s adventure through the life cycles of butterflies, bees, and much more!
Dinosaur Discoveries, June 10-14C’mon boys and girls, let’s travel back to prehistoric times and test our skills as dinosaur detectives! Join us as we hatch dinosaur eggs, dive into the deep-sea to discover aquatic creatures, and excavate for dinosaur fossils. This camp is sure to be DINO-MITE!
Space Explorers, June 24-28(SOLD OUT) Do you dream of working for NASA and going to outer space? Then grab your space suit and journey into the unknown with us as we explore Earth’s atmosphere, our solar system, and the vast universe. See you there in 10, 9, 8…
Walk on the Wild Side, July 15-19(SOLD OUT) Feeling adventurous? Come join us as we walk on the wild side all over the world! Be ready to journey from continent to continent, exploring different environments, and learning about the people, plants, and animals that live there. It’s sure to be a wildly wondrous week!
Super Scientists, July 29-August 2(SOLD OUT) Calling all scientists! Grab your goggles and lab coats! This week we are going to explore everything from chemistry and electricity to virtual reality and outer space! Join us to see how science can change the world!
Best of C’mon, August 5-9(SOLD OUT) Can’t decide what camp will be best? Look no further! Join us for a week of spectacular science, awesome art projects, and fantastically fun games. Come and do it all!
Grossology, June 17-21Do you like the way farts sound? Do you want to discover the secret life of a grasshopper? Are you curious about how diapers work? We will look at all things “gross” this week in this interactive, sticky, and sometimes smelly camp. Will you say YUCK or COOL in the end?
Kitchen Chemistry, July 8-12How are chefs like scientists? Find out in this culinary camp where we will experiment with various foods and items found in the kitchen. Why does yeast make bread rise? How can a liquid become a solid without freezing it? C’mon and join us as we mix, shake, and eat our way through the kitchen!
All About Art, July 22-26(SOLD OUT) Calling all artists! Get ready to draw, paint, sculpt, and think unlike you’ve ever done before. If you love being creative, thinking artistically, and making something interesting from nothing, then this is the camp for you!
Best of C’mon, August 5-9Can’t decide what camp will be best? Look no further! Join us for a week of spectacular science, awesome art projects, and fantastically fun games. Come and do it all!
Best of C’mon, July 29-August 2Can’t decide what camp will be best? Look no further! Join us for a week of spectacular science, awesome art projects, and fantastically fun games. Come and do it all!
Inventioneer’s Lab, June 3-7Calling all inventors and creators! Do you have a passion for coding or dream of designing recycled jewelry? Do you love to build, but need the thrill of a new challenge? If so, then this is the week for you! Join us in this unique joint age camp to construct, design, and invent all sorts of fun and exciting gadgets to become one of our first Inventioneers!