CMON Let’s Go Camping

Come visit our CMON campsite and explore what it’s like during daytime and nighttime camping. Stop by the Ranger Station to check out camping supplies, like binoculars and bug catchers for daytime camping, and flashlights and smores for nighttime camping. After you stop by the Ranger Station, it’s time to go set up your campsite! Will you use the rustic lean-to, a small or large size tent, or a travel camper? Interactive elements include fishing from the kayak, washing and hanging up clothes on the clothesline, grilling hotdogs and hamburgers to share during a picnic, searching for stars and constellations at “night” and of course, sharing songs and stories around the campfire! The CMON let’s go camping exhibit will be open Monday, September 25, 2023 through Sunday, January 14, 2024.

What Is Your Child Learning?

  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Multi-sensory exploration
  • Classification and sorting
  • Real-life experiences for better understanding
Loos Art Gallery Exhibit