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The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples is committed to the critical educational work that teachers (and parents!) do daily with students. We provide tangible, highly engaging ways for children to apply what they learn in school and be inspired to learn more. 

We offer a variety of educational opportunities including field trips, STEAM workshops, and STEAM night rentals.

In providing an environment for play-filled learning, CMON affirms that play is not merely something to be tolerated in the gaps between eating, sleeping, and periods for formal education. Play is vitally necessary to a child’s health and full development. While kids are having fun, they are also:

  • Using senses to explore
  • Developing social skills
  • Stimulating motor development
  • Using curiosity and imagination
  • Working together
  • Using physical activity to problem solve

Our exhibits and programs are designed by former classroom teachers, disciplinary experts, and exhibit fabricators. Each exhibit is a model of three interrelated principles: an appreciation of children’s play behavior, knowledge of how an environment can influence play and learning and understanding children’s developmental milestones. 

Boy doing crafts